Jesus lovers,
Adventure seekers,  Bulldog whisperers,

--Long story short!

We’re a husband and wife photography + Videography team (We work hand in hand together). Born & raised on the beautiful island of Maui, yet we don't know ALL the secret spots (so, don't ask). We have 3 bulldogs ( Sophie, Zeus & Theo), they're usually right next to us snoring, while we work (If you didn't know, yes.. it's true they're lazy). We love Jesus (Sunday's are our days off, at least we try not to work), health & wellness (yes, we hate running). Basketball (we challenge each other but josh wins most of the time #godlenstatewariors), The Office (#michaelscott, Don't know, we'll educate you), Harry Potter (have you taken your house test? #ravenclaw, What house are you in?), hiking (not an adventure, if you don't get lost...).    

Us as your photographers, it's like being on a double date while your best friends tell you to be candid cause we're snapping some shots. Not comfortable in front of the camera? Stop, that's 85% of people (no, really we did our research..we'll sort of). No but really, everyone is like that. Even us! Not to worry, we got you because we create our best work when you're comfortable! 

Hello,We're Bri & josh .

  Jesus lovers, 
   Adventure seekers,
     Bulldog whisperers,

Treasure it forever.

A story to document,
 a moment to remember.

moments of Laughter.

Remember the joy.

Just you and I.

moments of intimacy

We are photographers that are more than just your vendor. We create our best work when we connect with you, and value each relationship. We want to be more than something on your checklist but rather, someone you can count on after "your" day. You don't realize it now but, photos are a memory. Each memory has an emotion tied to it. How our value is conveyed, is through your memory. Invest in something that will last forever, not just for a day. 

Starts with VALUE

Yes, this is a big one for anyone because a relationships foundation is based on communication. From start to finish, we will make sure we both are on the same page.  We do our best to make your day about you. If you need help planning, we're here for it. We want to make this as stress free as possible. We are the ones you can ask for help, giving you our full attention.


We understand not everyone is a model. It's ok to feel awkward because everyone does, thinking about a camera being in your face with a total stranger. It only makes it easier for us to help you loosen up and get comfortable. Think about this, by the time we meet we'll already feel like your friends. We want to capture the real you, not the "fake smile, awkward touching and no good fake laugh". Why? Because that's not the real you, and lets be honest you'll be able to tell, just as much us. We will give fun prompts, funny questions to ask each other, so we're able to capture all the intimate moments in between. We understand that each couple is different, each personality, each love language and that is why we tailor our sessions to you! 

Ends with you feeling COMFORTABLE




All you could ask for! Sure you're skeptical selecting someone you don't know, or who isn't from a reputable brand. Nah, Bri and Josh blow those guys out of the water. -Willing to Skype with us to further our understanding of what each of us expected from each other and develop ideas. -Showed up early to understand our venue better and maximize productivity. -Imaginative to give us instruction to capture that special moment. Our wedding and ceremony is in my head to a degree, but there were so many things they were able to capture that I never thought I'd see. We were immediately comfortable with these two, they were very quick to adapt to the situation and, again, capture that moment. That's the process of taking the pictures... But the final result absolutely blew us away! I didn't know I could look so good... :) The pictures are immense, how there seem to be none out of focus blows my mind. Every single one is a keeper! There really isn't anything more you could ask for. Friendly, willing to travel, FAIR, did I already say friendly, and the results are absolutely amazing. Their process is fantastic and I wouldn't change a thing. We are amazingly happy with what they've done for us! Choose Bri and Josh and you'll be happy you did. I couldn't imagine a better experience and result!

                                                                                                     -Danny & Hannah

Bri and Josh were a joy to work with while my husband and I celebrated out Babymoon in Hawaii. They took some amazing pictures of my "bump" and of my husband and me. They were very responsive, and also graciously allowed us to postpone our shoot for a few days due to Tropical Storm Olivia. (I mean, who wants to have pictures taken in a downpour?!) We love the pictures and cannot wait to frame some of them. We had a blast on the shoot and they picked a beautiful private cove. Would def recommend this talented duo.

                                                                                                     -Lisa & Craig

Bri and josh were so amazing. We had messaged so many photographers and landed on this beautiful couple. The communication leading up to the ceremony was great and they delivered on everything promised. We eloped in Maui with our kids and moms.
-Josh was able to heard the kids for shots while Bri took pics of my hubs and I.  They helped make the day stress free and fun.  Their personalities are just so awesome.
-I was sent some sneak peaks right away so I could post them on social media and she said I will have the rest pretty quickly which is a huge bonus.  They kept showing us the pics on their camera so we could get an idea of what they were shooting.  
-I felt weird about my arms so Bri would help me pose in ways that would hide what I didn't like.  They were just super patient.  It was really fun to watch them work and get excited for us about the awesome shots they were getting. Anyway, I highly recommend them for weddings or family stuff.
​                                                                                                     -Nicole & Justin

Bri and Josh photographed our wedding reception and they were nothing short of perfect. Even though we had never met in-person before, they were so friendly and really seemed to understand  our style. They captured every moment and we couldn't be more thankful. Highly recommend!!!

                                                                     -Emily & Anthony

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