September 1, 2018

Emily + Anthony | Koa 156 Lahaina, HI Reception | Destination Wedding

Maui Destination Wedding Reception

Dreamy Maui Wedding Reception!!
Meet Emily and Anthony. One of the most down to earth couples we met during there time here on Maui earlier this month. 

There is only good things to say about these two. A few months back before meeting them, Emily contacted us to capture her wedding reception. Of course, we hit it off and we said yes to capturing this fun time for the both of them. During our exchange of emails to one another, we tried to set up a FaceTime, so we could meet face to face. Due to both of our schedules and a huge hurricane almost hitting Maui, that didn't happen. We're not going to lie, it was a little nerve racking for us because it was a first big wedding reception and we still didn't get to meet this beautiful couple. We didn't let the nerve stop us. Right away when we met, they were so welcoming and had such a loving spirit about them. 

We couldn't thank these two more, for trusting in us to capture a fun and intimate time with their family and friends. But can we just add this was a huge destination wedding. Talk about, 72 people flying in to Maui, from all over the states, to see them get married. We were pretty mind blown because it was a frickin' destination wedding and that many people showed up. Talk about loved!!!! 

Yes, they are so loved!!! During, this whole reception there was never a dull moment. We there always smiling and Anthony of course, couldn't keep his eye off of his lady :) I mean look at her, she is beautiful!!! 

Now a big congratulations to these to, Emily and Anthony...... 

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